When the Battle Rages Fiercest

When the battle rages fiercest
Round the standard of our King,
Let us closer press unto Him,
Louder, clearer, let us sing :

Chorus—Jesus, be our King and Leader,
Grant us in Thy toils a part,
Are we not Thy chosen soldiers,
Children of Thy Sacred Heart?

Life is all too brief to give us
Time and room to prove our love;
Onward, onward, we will never
Recreants or sluggards prove.

Chorus—Jesus, be our King, etc.

Coeur de Jésus

Coeur de Jésus sauvez le monde,
Que l’univers vous soit soumis
En Vous seul notre espoir se fonde
Seigneur, Seigneur, Vous nous l’avez promis.

(Heart of Jesus, save the world)
(May the world be submitted to you,)
(In you alone our hope is founded)
(Lord, Lord, you have promised us this.)

Come To Me All Ye That Labor

1. “Come to Me all ye who labour, come, and I_will give you rest,”
Such, dear Lord,Thine invitation to each soul become Thy guest,
And we answer with deep longing, while our sinfulness we see,
"Jesus, Lord, I am not worthy, yet in pity come to me."

2. Here upon this altar lowly is the home Thou lovest most,
And We own our Lord and Master hidden in the sacred Host;
Life without thee would be lonely, and our hearts still cry to Thee,
"Jesus, Lord, I am not worthy, yet in pity come to me."